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Welcome to the

Foam Garage

The Foam Garage is Marietta’s premier party venue.
Open to the public and available for private rental, The Foam Garage is ideal for parties for all ages and occasions, as well as garage band concerts. Be sure to check out our special events page!

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Live DJ

A DJ is included in the price for the perfect mix of any music you may want – Latin, Disco, Techno, Grunge, Punk, Oldies, Rap, Country… You name it. Let our experienced and friendly DJ make your FOAM party the experience of a lifetime or bring your own music.

Light Show

Disco and Laser lights flood the hall in a live multi media experience. Enjoy a pure sensory adrenaline rush with a collection of the most current rock and pop hits available in any laser show on the planet


Catering services are available with a large selection, including: hot dogs, sausage, taco in a bag, pizza and subs, to a full menu from local restaurants with catering services, or you are welcome to bring your own food..

Come Party At The Foam Garage

LED & Glow-in-the-dark apparel and accessories are available. WE ARE NOW selling glow in the dark and LED items such as hats, eye glasses, LED glasses, LED hair extensions and more in our store.

This is a private hall. There is no alcohol sold at any time. NO GLASS ALLOWED. Beer and wine, ONLY, may be brought into the hall ONLY when the hall is rented. NO minors are to be served. Contracts, waivers and disclaimers must be signed by a responsible individual or individuals over the age of 25.

When rented to an under-21 party, a responsible adult, over the age of 25, must be present and sign contracts, disclaimers, and waivers. Checks must clear. Parents are responsible for minor children at all times. No rough housing. Visibly intoxicated persons will be asked to leave.